The Chinese mobile gaming market

International growth in both smart phones and mobile gaming is one of the most explosive areas. Gamasutra offers four predictions from the Chinese mobile game market that we think make a ton of sense:

  1. 400 million iOS and Android phones in China in 2013. A huge market. 
  2. Android is expected to take a 70-80% share in phones
  3. iPad mini showing enormous growth potential because it’s relatively more affordable than iPhones
  4. China’s winner for 2013: casual games, particularly if they’re well-localized

It’s an interesting post that hits on a lot of themes we love, but we’re especially big believers in point #4. Making games more relevant to each user can be done through localization by someone like Yodo1, through dynamic messaging units from Think Gaming, or simply through good old-fashioned game design.

Irrespective of the path you take, the Chinese market is too big to be ignored.

One comment on “The Chinese mobile gaming market

  1. Brendan says:

    Thanks for this great info, I am amazed of how many phones are really in China itself. I am a game developer and am looking to create my first mobile game, now going to include Chinese for one of the language selection.

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