Google Play changes app policies on in app purchases

Google has made some changes to it’s app policies regarding games. Their intent appears to be two-fold:

  1. Cleaning up bad behavior: Advertising needs to be well-behaved, and apps can’t make system-wide changes without clear notice and user acknowledgement.  This is long overdue – badly behaving apps are reminiscent of spyware and adware of days past. This should help the health of the Android ecosystem, though it may hit.
  2. In-app purchases are required to use Google’s payment services: This should help with fragmentation of the Android purchase experience. We are big believers that the consistency of Apple’s IAP experience is one of the reasons that iOS outperforms Android on per-user economics. A cynical view is that this is Google’s attempt to crowd out mobile competitors, but we think this is overdue and should have been predictable.




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