Glu Mobile promoting free in-game credits

Glu Mobile is running an interesting promotion with Google Play. They’re offering 20 free in-game credits (roughly $1.00 value) for downloading Deer Hunter 2014, currently #10 on iOS Top Grossing Games.


It’s a great idea to prime user spending by giving them free currency. Players learn the value of the hard currency and it whets their appetite for more.

1) Without playing the game, it’s hard for a player to know the value of 20 Glu Credits. We’d expect the perceived value may be considerably higher than $1.We’re interested in this promo because it will test a few contrasting:

2) It’s hard to convince a player that has never played a game to buy hard currency, so the credits may be worthless for most people.

Anyone with more info on how these perform or the economic split with Google Play should drop us a line….




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