Mobile Acquisition Unlocked

Mobile Acquisition Unlocked is an upcoming conference focused on – you guessed it: mobile acquisition. If you’re a game┬ádeveloper or publisher interested in acquiring lots of players profitably, you should pay attention and get to Las Vegas on June 10 & 11.

The days where getting featured by Apple could make your game a hit are gone. Today’s top grossing games are almost entirely driven through paid installs. Mobile Acquisition Unlocked is assembling some of the smartest folks in the business to reveal how they drive profitable growth for their companies.

Jay Weintraub previously founded LeadsCon and puts on one of the best shows in the business. Most conference blather through the same basics – Jay creates programming that is insightful and relevant.

Even better: we have a special offer to get game developers to the conference for free! MAU has agreed to sponsor 5 game developers to attend the conference for free. Reach out to us with your details and we’ll make it happen.

We are also looking to find publishers, game media buyers, or similarly situated folks that will agree to do a “media mentoring session” for game developers at the conference. Please reach out and we’ll share details on the opportunity.

Game Programming Patterns

Cool new online book that may be helpful for game developers that want to level up: Game Programming Patterns by Bob Nystrom a coder at EA for 8 years.

This isn’t “Getting Started with Game Programming”. Instead, the book covers more advanced architectural and design decisions that will help build tighter, more optimized code. While we’ve just started, it looks like a game-specific Martin Fowler’s Refactoring, but it’s free and online with a paperback version coming soon.

Blogging about mobile freemium

With the launch of Scouting Reports, we’ve seen a ton of new traffic coming to the site from game developers and publishers. When we talk to them, almost all of them are looking for ways to make better games, get recommendations on analytical tools that can help them make more money, or best practices from fellow game developers. So we’re going to be ramping up our blog activity.

We’re also looking to cover these topics from different perspectives, so are talking to a select group of guest bloggers. If you’re an analytics provider, game publisher, ad network, or industry consultant, let us know the topics you’d like to cover for our audience, and we’ll consider a guest post. We’ve got tens of thousands of game developers who are interested in real insights about how they can make better games and/or more money.

Contact us here if you’ve got ideas for a topic you’d like to cover. If you’ve got suggestions on what you’d like to see, leave us a comment!




Great opportunity for indie developers

Gaming Insiders launched a great opportunity for indie game developers: passes to their invite-only Summit.

They’re giving away five passes to the most deserving studios. Apply through this link!