Introducing Scouting Reports

We’re excited to release Scouting Reports today. They’re the best way for great new games to find equity investors or publishers that will help them grow.

The existing model is broken. Far too many games are developed but never see the light of day because they aren’t tuned & marketed properly. Meanwhile, most games are losers for publishers. It’s very hard to tell what will be successful in free-to-play, so everyone gets treated like an average game. That means that if you create a great game, you probably won’t get the great deal you deserve.

Scouting Reports change all that. Our free scoring process measures your game on the key metrics that drive freemium success: retention, monetization, market size and longevity. We use data science to find great games, using our dataset on 5000+ top  games. Our scores are tough, because they’re against top grossing peers, but a high score means a great game.

A great score provides information for you and potential partners that eliminates risk and makes it more likely you’ll get a great deal. You can then connect with investors and publishers through our system who want to see games like yours. We only allow active investors and publishers to have access and you have control over who you share with.

Publishers and investors see pre-screened games that can become top grossing games and have control over what types of games they see, minimum scores, and more.

If you’re a developer, publisher, or investor, learn more here: and let us know any comments or feedback you have.

Introducing the activity feed

We released a new public feature recently, our activity feed. Publicly, we track price changes and new entrants to the top grossing, top free, and top paid games lists. Clients who have integrated our SDK will see alerts on updated data and our recommendations for better performance.

The public URL is here:

There’s also a link to the feed on the drop-down menu on the top left (make sure you’re logged in).

Check it out and let us know if there are other events you’d like to see or any way we can make it better!