Candy Crushing it: is earning $200 million plus from the #1 top grossing app Candy Crush Saga on mobile

In the US, Candy Crush is now overtaking Clash of Clans as the highest revenue generating game in the iOS app store. It’s still very close, but if recent trends continue, Candy Crush will take over the top grossing spot from Clash of Clans, which has been dominant for all of 2013.

This creates a few things worth highlighting:

More than one audience can get you to the top of the charts. Candy Crush is a casual puzzle game, presumably appealing to casual gaming’s core “soccer moms”, whereas Clash of Clans is a builder that seems to appeal to more hard-core gamers.

It’s a really big market. Supercell was rumored to be doing $1 million in revenue daily from two titles: Clash of Clans (#1) & farming title Hay Day (#4) in January. We’d estimate that Candy Crush is earning an annualized $200 million from mobile for*

* Methodology: Assume that Clash of Clans earns 60% of Supercell’s revenue, so would earn $219 million if annualized. (Note: if you you use a higher estimate, this will increase the $200 million estimate for Candy Crush. We chose to be conservative). Candy Crush probably isn’t cannibalizing Clash of Clans since they target different audiences, so we assume Candy Crush earns at least $600K / day, or $219 million annualized revenue.

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